Glenealy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA exists to provide opportunity for parents and caregivers to get involved in the life of the school.  The PTA organise a host of functions and events, which enable families to meet in a relaxed environment and enjoy time together.  The PTA fundraising events rely on the goodwill of our community, which in turn helps to provide additional funding to the school to purchase special items and equipment that the school wouldn’t be able to fund itself.  The school is very appreciative of all the efforts the PTA makes to help the school reach its goals and dreams and to bring our Glenealy families together to enjoy each other’s company.

All current members of the PTA have the opportunity to participate in aspects of PTA life whether on the Committee, as a class parent or assisting at one of our events or fundraising activities during the year.

Important Documents

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Glenealy School Parents and Teacher Association Limited

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Committee Members



Since the inception of the ESF Ordinance (2008), all parents are required to join their child’s school PTA. Glenealy School PTA has joined the central billing and collection of PTA membership fees organised by ESF. The ESF will invoice and collect the fees on each year on our behalf.  The annual family membership is $600 and as a member you will be invited to all of our community events and activities.

GS Committee Members

PTA Committee members are elected every year at the Annual General Meeting in October. Please click the next tab for the 2017/18 PTA Committee members.

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Class Parents represent each class and organise opportunities for parents and caregivers of the students in the class to meet up to relax and enjoy time together.  New Class Parents are organised each year so everyone can have the opportunity to contribute in this way on an annual basis.

In addition to these specific roles, there are a numerous opportunities to get involved in PTA activities and we really value and appreciate any offer of help whether large or small.

Front row: Phil Sangster, Belinda Lieu, Fatema Jangbarwala, Brenda Cook, Christine Meaney, Michelle Germano, Sumita Barnes, Jane Walker

Back Row: Aisling Quinn, Becky Steel, Erika Dominique, Jane Madden, Gina Agresti, Nisha Israni, Indi Kalsi

Glenealy School Uniform

Please order Glenealy School uniform on line:

The PTA Uniform Shop has samples of all uniform items. We strongly recommend that you come to the shop to fit the uniform on your child before ordering on line.

School Uniform consists of standard uniform and PE kit. On days when children have PE lessons they wear the PE kit to school all day. You will need to know what House your child is in as the PE uniform is colour coded according to House.

There are school buses available to take your child to and from school. Kwoon Chung Motors Company operates this service independently.  All bus inquiries should be directed to the company.

School Bus Communication/Registration