Our Beliefs & Values

Our vision is for every student to be the best that they can be
Our mission is to empower learners to flourish and make a positive difference

At Glenealy, our highly skilled teachers ensure an education that is transformational. We develop caring and curious global citizens who make a positive difference. We provide meaningful and relevant experiences where children develop skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes for success in life. Our safe, nurturing environment values children’s voice and choice, fostering positive relationships in which children flourish.


We believe that every child in our school will be successful.  We support and challenge children to ensure continual academic progress and personal growth, and achieve this by promoting our ‘helping hands’ model:

– Keep Learning
– Connect
– Know Yourself
– Be the Best You Can Be
– Be Active
– Look for the Good


A Glenealy education is transformational, developing caring global citizens who make a positive difference. Caring global citizens:

  • Know themselves, their identity and culture and have a strong sense of belonging
  • Embrace diversity by connecting and communicating with empathy
  • Create a culture of inclusivity, understanding and acceptance
  • Explore local and global issues, perspectives and events to increase understanding and knowledge of the World
  • Value language learning to deepen their respect for and understanding of self and others
  • Take action and engage in positive change for themselves, their community and the World
  • Display the attributes of the IB Learner Profile

We embrace the core values of ESF and aim to develop a community of learners who live the IB Learner Profile

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Characteristics of our school: