The Curriculum At Glenealy School

At Glenealy School we put students’ learning and well-being at the heart of all that we do. Our wish list for students and our mission statement of ‘Empowering learners to flourish and make a positive difference’ help to guide our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to be personalised, relevant and meaningful to all. Offering appropriate challenge whilst supporting all students academic, social, physical and emotional needs. We draw upon latest research, technology and the expertise of a highly qualified teaching staff including specialist teachers to enrich the curriculum. One of the features of this is specialist lessons in Mandarin, physical education and music.

As an IB world school we use the Primary Years Programme (PYP) as our curriculum framework. This enables us to develop a curriculum that is not tied to one country but is relevant and meaningful to our international community, embracing global citizenship. The inquiry based approach we use has ensured that our students do not only achieve strong academic results but also understand themselves as a learner. Developing the transferable skills, conceptual understandings and attitudes that equip them with a love of learning.

To learn more about ESF’s Primary curriculum and the IB Primary Years Programme please read the following booklet:

Our school’s Programme of Inquiry (Below) provides an outline of the different Units of Inquiry our students experience from Years 1 to 6. This has been designed to be significant, engaging, flexible, broad and balanced. Fostering a developmental progression of the students skills, attributes and abilities both across and within each year group.