ESF Glenealy School’s admission procedures are in accordance with the English Schools Foundation Enrolment Policy. Students who live within the school’s zoned catchment area are able to apply for entry to the school. This area includes Mid Levels including Old Peak Road, Tregunter Path, Conduit Road, Hatton Road, Po Shan Road, Robinson Road up to and including 70 on the even side and 95 on the odd side (the junction with Castle Road), Upper Albert Road, Albany Road, Garden Road and Cotton Tree Drive.

Please refer to ‘school zones’ on the ESF website for further details.

To enrol, the ESF enrolment form must be completed and lodged online together with copies of the relevant documents and payment of the appropriate fee. Please visit the ESF website for further information and to access the electronic enrolment form.

Students will be invited for an interview for a place in the appropriate year group according to the priority outlined in the ESF enrolment policy. This interview of approximately 45 minutes is to determine the child’s English language skills and suitability for placement in a class where the medium of instruction is in English. Parents are also interviewed in order to gain a better understanding of students’ development and learning needs.

In ESF schools, all students in a year group are born in the same calendar year.

For the academic year August 2021 to June 2022 the age groups are as follows:

  • Year 1 – Children born in 2016
  • Year 2 – Children born in 2015
  • Year 3 – Children born in 2014
  • Year 4 – Children born in 2013
  • Year 5 – Children born in 2012
  • Year 6 – Children born in 2011

For all current year groups, we will accept application forms at any time of the year. Interviews will be held when a vacancy arises.

Year 1 – Central Admissions

Students who turn five years old on or before the 31st December in the year of entry may enrol in Year 1. Applications are processed by ESF Centre a year ahead of entry. For children born in 2017 who are due to start school in August 2022, first round of online application forms will be accepted between 1 September and 30 September 2021. Full details of the application process are on the ESF website.

Immediate Student Places

For immediate student places, please visit

All applications for years 2-6 should be made via the online application here.

Please visit the ESF website regarding the admissions policy and procedures.