Parent Circles and Learning Walks 2019/20


An opportunity for parents to be learners within their child’s school:

  • To find out about learning and watch ‘learning in action’ across a variety of year groups
  • To understand approaches to learning and teaching
  • To find out ways to support their child at home which complements learning at school

What is a Parent Circle and Learning Walk?

The students, teachers and educational assistants go about their normal learning and we invite you as parents to observe.  During your observation, you will see the teachers and children in their natural classroom environment involved in lessons which are not altered or rehearsed for your visit. This is an opportunity for you to see the children exploring the curriculum in a variety of classrooms. The focus is on what learning looks like in practice across the school.

We have three of these sessions planned throughout the year.  Each will begin with a short Parent Circle Discussion led by senior management and staff who will point out key aspects of learning that will be focussed on in the Learning Walk. Following on from this, there will be an opportunity to see ‘learning in action’ across the school by visiting at least three classrooms during the 35 minute session.  If questions occur to you while you are watching, please write them down and we can address them through feedback in the Centre.The morning will be concluded by returning to the Centre with the larger group for feedback and further discussion. We know that you have busy schedules but it is preferable for you to attend the whole session so that the Parent Circle can feedback after the observations.

We hope that Parent Circles and Learning Walks become an important part of our school culture. To do this we need to find a good balance between opening the classrooms to visitors and not interrupting the learning that is taking place in the classrooms.  For that reason, parents will be asked to follow a code of conduct during the learning walks. This Code of Conduct will be explained prior to the learning walk.


8.30am Parents who have registered online meet in the Centre
8.40am Parent Circle discussion about the learning focus:

  • Inquiry at Glenealy: Term 2 – Wednesday 4th March 2020
  • Understanding the Teaching of Language at Glenealy: Term 3 – Date To Be Confirmed
9.20am Learning walks through the classrooms (at least 3)

Parents will be given a focus for the learning walks which will be connected to the focus of the workshop session.

9.55am-10.15am Feedback in the Centre

How to Register

An invite will be sent through the normal school newsletter with a Google form RSVP. This will be on a first comes first basis.  If we get high demand (over 50 people) we may have to restrict numbers so that the volume of people in classes doesn’t disturb lessons.


Code of Conduct for parents on Learning Walks:

It’s important in this process that we find a good balance between opening the classrooms to visitors and not interrupting the learning that is taking place.  For that reason we have established these guidelines for parents when visiting classes.

  • Please turn mobile devices off - if you need to use your phone, please exit the classroom
  • Visit at least 3 classrooms in the 35 minute time slot
  • Please enter and exit the classrooms quietly and be courteous to others wanting to take a turn in classrooms.
  • Respect confidentiality and privacy of students and teachers (No photography, video taking, or sharing on social media)
  • Respect the children’s space.  Please don’t look through books or trays to find out further information. You will have the opportunity to do this at student conferences
  • Please be sensitive to the “atmosphere” in the class and act accordingly.
  • Please do your best not to disrupt or disturb the class.
  • Try not to attract the attention of children you know and resist the urge to hover over your own child.
  • If you notice that your child, or other children are not able to concentrate with you there, please consider leaving to let the students regain their focus.  This happens often in the younger years.
  • The teachers will not be able chat with you during or at the end of the Learning Walks.
  • Please do not comment on other children's performance or behaviour to others.