Committees and Meetings

School Council Committees

Members of the GS School Council work actively as part of committees in key areas of the School’s operations. These committees assist the school to carry out its functions more efficiently and effectively by handling matters that require considerable discussion, development or planning outside of formal meetings. Each School Council committee reports back to the School Council on items discussed, any action taken under previously delegated power and action recommended for the Council’s decision making.

GS committees are as follows:


  • Review staffing needs, attrition rates and appointment process
  • Oversee the disciplinary and grievance procedure
  • Oversee the staff professional development plan and hiring for SMT


  • Recommend draft annual budget plan and capex plan 
  • Monitor expenditure against budget
  • Review other income generation activities and procurement policies and practices to ensure good value for money 

Facilities/Health and Safety

  • Evaluate and anticipate any risks (physical, environment, chemical, vehicle, weather etc)
  • Ensure compliance with ESF health and safety policy and regulations
  • Special projects (e.g. facilities development, facilities rental programmes)